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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mrraneti of Cait, part 5

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One may properly chide me for making it sound as if the Mrraneti are perfect paragons of virtue. They aren’t, of course. They are often guilty of a kind of puzzled smugness that comes of comparing their society to that of, for example, humans. They have, in the past, been guilty of some horrible gaffes in their relations with other species, notably the Tellarites and the Andorians, this due to their chronic inability to understand that other races are NOT the same. Their stable society is under increasing outside pressure that could shatter it, if the danger is not recognized in time. Already there is an increase in the number of civil disputes requiring arbitration.

A society based on respect can be maintained only as long as that respect remains inviolate. The Mrraneti have taken mutual respect for granted since the beginning, and therefore have no defense against disrespect. Although they might be characterized as godly by Christians (and too good to be true by everyone else), they’ve not had the experience of fighting their way through the weeds to reach the sun, as humans and Vulcans have, thus they have little or no resistance as a species to the disease of pride and the desire for self-determination. For the Mrraneti, the danger is indeed grave, but one should be reminded that the greater the crisis, the greater the opportunity for growth.


In presenting these thoughts on the physical, social and cultural aspects of the Mrraneti of Cait, I hope I have succeeded in conveying some of the essence of this mysterious people. If I have, that is enough for me. TH

(And the image includes the following text and was originally placed at the end of the article)

"Let us run together in
the Joy of our

~ Ancient Mrraneti saying


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