Here I post articles from my Star Trek Fanzine: Sehlat's Roar. I hope to place all of the work online for fan's enjoyment. This Fanzine was first published in the late 1970's by a band of most unlikely friends located in Flat Rock, in the southeastern quadrant of Michigan. The material is clearly born of the time, and some of it is quite dated; yet, for those who enjoy this sort of thing, I trust, at the least, interesting.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Return From Talos", Part 1

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“Reporting as ordered, sir.” Spock seemed even stiffer than usual, and Kirk moved forward to study him.

“Are you all right, Mr. Spock. You look rather dazed.”

“Yes, thank you, sir. I established a meld with the -- with Captain Pike before beaming him down, and I am still slightly disoriented.” Spock paused for a few minutes and Kirk left him alone to pull himself together until he spoke again. “Captain, may I ask the precise meaning of the term 'son of a bitch?' I understand the words, of course, but the expression seems to have an idiomatic resonance beyond the root meaning.”

“It does indeed, Mr. Spock. Did Chris call you that?”

“Yes, sir. His transmission of the term was quite clear. But I received no impression of anger.”

“No, I don't think he was angry, Mr. Spock. Come over here. There's something I want you to see.” Kirk indicated the view screen, and replayed the last message from Talos. This time he watched Spock and the Vulcan watched the young, sound Christopher Pike follow the graceful girl into the underground lift. Suddenly a gush of emotion nearly overwhelmed Kirk, and he literally shut his teeth on the cry that rose: “Would you do that for me?” Shaken and ashamed of himself, he turned away from the impassive Vulcan and moved to a chair on the far side of the room. He chided himself. Spock had served Pike for fourteen years. No wonder he had been prepared to jeopardize the career of his new captain. And probably he'd known Kirk would be glad to help. The captain studied the pattern of the wall texture intently until he was sure he could control himself. When he turned, Spock was standing patiently a little distance away. “Thank you, Captain,” he said.

Hours later, Kirk was to realize that he had inadvertently done exactly the right thing. At a moment which might be expected to extract an emotional display from the Vulcan, he had moved away, allowing Spock the space to recover himself in private. Now, however, Spock's thanks conveyed nothing. Perhaps fortunately, the door opened before he could respond.


“Come in, Bones. What is it?”

“The Talosians need a supply of medications for Captain Pike. Will you authorize me to beam it down?”

“Yes, Bones. Go ahead.”

“Right. The lab's already working on synthesizing it. We'll be ready shortly. I've just finished giving the Talosians a complete explanation of Captain Pike's condition. They have his records, but they needed them interpreted. I don't know whether they understand it all, but they certainly mean to follow the regimen to the letter. He'll be well cared for, Mr. Spock.”

“Yes, Doctor, unquestionably.”

McCoy reached for the nearest intercom and instructed the lab to beam down the drugs when they were ready. Intercom off, he hesitated. The constraint in the room bothered him.

“Er, congratulations, Mr. Spock.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

“Yes, listen,” Kirk rallied. “This calls for a small celebration. Will you gentlemen join me in my quarters? Mr. Spock?”

“Thank you, Captain. But I believe that as the defendant it is my place to offer the invitation. Will you gentlemen join me in my quarters?”

McCoy and Kirk exchanged glances. Hot tea was hardly their idea of a celebration. But it seemed important not to rebuff this overture from the usually aloof first officer. In unison, they nodded acceptance, and Spock waved them to elevator.


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