Here I post articles from my Star Trek Fanzine: Sehlat's Roar. I hope to place all of the work online for fan's enjoyment. This Fanzine was first published in the late 1970's by a band of most unlikely friends located in Flat Rock, in the southeastern quadrant of Michigan. The material is clearly born of the time, and some of it is quite dated; yet, for those who enjoy this sort of thing, I trust, at the least, interesting.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Part 3

Originally uploaded by Randuwa.
Ten minutes later, he decided it was safe to emerge. He listened as he dressed. Silence. Entering the workroom, he glanced around. The captain was gone. Spock was sitting at the table, looking slightly spaced.

“Was the captain very angry?”

“I do not think so, Doctor. The burden of his message, if I understood him correctly, was that pointed ears are not to be equated with expendability.”

McCoy grinned, translating back. He began to regret missing the Captain's diatribe. It must have been a classic.

“Oh, Doctor.”

“Yes, Mr. Spock.”

“May I ask the meaning of the term 'son of a bitch'. . . ?”


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